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Check yourself


It's just SPINE, LITHER, GINGER, SUBTEXT you dirty racist perv!




Achtung! This song from heineken commercial is stuck in my head second day in a row.



I bet one of the reasons french quisine is so highly appreciated is because they are the most fancy namemakers. Example: what americans call Sweetbread in french is called Ris de veau(laughter of the veal). Or in chicken: english Oyster muscle in french is fancily called Le Sot-L'y-Laisse(Literally:The fool leaves it there).



Новое видео Нойза



Been to the slaughterhouse — it was COOOOOOL!!!!! Didn't feel horrified or repulsed at all. Didn't even feel bad for the animals. hey, everybody loves steaks, right? All in all, a very interesting experience. Now I gotta right a report about this whole visit. Just a page though, not a lot.


P.S. A third Himym episode in a row makes me gasp at the end!



Didn't sleep this night watching Community. it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Что же такое счастье?

Одни говорят:- Это страсти:
Карты, вино, увлеченья -
Все острые ощущенья.



Другие верят, что счастье -

В окладе большом и власти,
В глазах секретарш плененных
И трепете подчиненных.


Третьи считают, что счастье -

Это большое участие:
Забота, тепло, внимание
И общность переживания.



По мненью четвертых, это

С милой сидеть до рассвета,
Однажды в любви признаться
И больше не расставаться.


Еще есть такое мнение,

Что счастье - это горение:
Поиск, мечта, работа
И дерзкие крылья взлета!



А счастье, по-моему, просто

Бывает разного роста:
От кочки и до Казбека,
В зависимости от человека!


Эдуард Асадов. Остров Романтики.

Москва: Молодая гвардия, 1969.



Funny fact: A have an authentic halloween costume every fuckin' day :chainsaw:


We have a slauterhouse visit on Monday. I wonder what would I be more: disgusted or entertained? Or maybe both. Is it possible to feel that at the same time? Actually, since the beginning of the program I became muuuuuch less fastidious.


One thing why I like butchery program is that I'm pretty sure nowhere else I would have tried moose meat. And not just meat. It was the most delicious, two weeks aged, two days marinated in cherry vinegar with wine and blueberry, medium rare food of gods. I was ready to swallow my own tongue it sooooo gooood!

And yesterday I brought home some gourmet chicken breasts(chicken breasts stuffed with swiss cheese and toupie-style ham all wrapped in bacon). For those who are currently on a diet now — I'm sorry(not really)!:laugh: And may be tuesday I'm gonna make a stuffed turkey for New Year. We'll see how it goes.


@музыка: Brotha Lynch Hung "Meat"


It's funny how 90 percent of the time a two-year-old is hysterically crying and shouting and banging his head against the floor or other hard objects is to extort a candy or a bath or some other absolutely random thing he just saw in your hand. Love that son of gun! =)



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